Myanmar as a Tourist Destination

Traveling is an adventurous activity that various people around the world. Various are destinations around the world that individuals love to visit owing to physical features and culture among others. Myanmar is one of these locations that however some individuals find mysterious. It is, however, a remarkable destination with distinct characteristics to look forward to seeing. It is important to note that in Myanmar there are various historical sites that travelers can enjoy visiting while in Asia.

This great tourist destination is in Asia, in the southeastern part. Neighbors include India and Bangladesh on the northern border while China and Thailand lie on the northeastern section. The fact that the country has the Indian Ocean on its southern borderline makes it attractive and appealing to make a private tour to Myanmar. The primary source of income for Myanmar is tourism which is facilitated by the holiday tours. This is facilitated by tourist attraction sites such as the temples, gardens and several museums that excite tourists, especially the private tours in the country. Additionally, the Myanmar tour packages in the country are favorable attracting more tourists. The holiday in this country is never complete without the Yangon city tour, with the different landscapes and ancient buildings. The several statues of Buddha in this capital city have over time attracted millions of tourists.

Yangon, as many tourists have come to realize has a large number of gardens leading to its nickname city of gardens. Additionally, there are several natural parks and trees that characterize the city. Travel packages in Myanmar include the visit to these historical temples, gardens and the tour of the city. Learn about private tour myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda is an architectural masterpiece that has over the years attracted the attention of tourists in this country. With the expensive materials such as jewelry, diamonds, and gold used in its construction, it is an epitome of artistic beauty in the city. Many private tours in Myanmar will have it included in the package. To make the holidays in Myanmar more attractive, the country also enjoys national parks such as the Hlawga National Park which is approximately 28 kilometers from the capital city. What catches the attention of the travelers in this park is the presence of a large lake. The lake is a man-made lake resulting from the construction of a dam in the early 1920s. Several tourists have had their Myanmar holidays spent in this spectacular National park.